Build the muscle of the mind

For a long time I’ve always thought that building the muscles in the physical body is more difficult than building the muscle of the mind.  Not! And why not? Well, because thoughts are constantly running through the mind; there isn’t a moment, second for that matter when our minds aren’t processing thoughts and images…even when we’re sleeping.

So we can imagine the work it takes to reprogram the muscle of the mind – we have been programmed and influenced by an array of people, circumstances, TV, and life’s lessons from birth to now. Life affects us, does things to our minds both in positive and negative ways.

It is only later in life that we realized just how much our minds is the main key that if not reprogrammed and fed the right diet, can be to our demise.

The good news is that it is never too late to implement changes – to begin to build the muscle of the mind to empower us to live our best lives.  So where do we start?

1.   Pin down what thoughts/people who weaken you and weed them out.

2.   Start by forgiving yourself and loving yourself right where you’re at – not later when things get better, but now!

3.   Fill your mind with uplifting, empowering thoughts and like minded people.

4.   Write down quotes from others and your own that speaks life to you and gives you a internal lift.

OK, this is it for now, until next time…keep building…add something good to your life today and you’ll not just benefit personally, but others will also.


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