Don’t sell yourself short for less than the best!

How often have we done what we really didn’t feel or know was right, but did it anyway? We find ourselves succumbing to peer pressure, and that can be at any age or stage on our lives. Peer pressure isn’t just about “Teen or Tween years”. It affects all of us, because we all want to be accepted and we all want to fit in.
However at what cost to your integrity, morals, beliefs and values? How will you feel after the fact?

We also sell ourselves short by the limitations we set within our own minds, and use excuses from our childhood to justify why we do what is harmful and destructive to our lives, or the lives of others.

We settle for less than what we’re worth when we lack the faith and confidence in ourselves that we not only can do it, but are worth it.

So, how about making a change right now and put a stop to this vicious cycle? It begins by simply believing that you are of value, and that you deserve the best.
What is your best? OK, now begin to make plans to go after your best, and don’t stop until you have it.


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