Compassion or Judgment

An interesting conversation took place between two people and here’s the break-down!

I was taking a walk, stopped to enjoy the view and people watch.
Being outdoors in a public place, we encounter all kinds of people of different class – from the way they dress, to their ethnic background, gender, to their hair color and body type. Within that mix every person though the outward appearance limits the true reflection of their real world, there are some who can’t hide how they live.
I’m referring to those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and those who sell their bodies as a profession – here’s what I happened to over hear in this conversation as a woman of the “red light district” and user walked by.

Compassion – I feel sorry for her!
Judgment – well, I don’t!
Compassion – that’s harsh…why not?
Judgment – well, we all have a choice and she’s obviously made hers’.
Compassion – fair enough, but we’ve made bad choices too.
Judgment – well, not to that extreme.
Compassion – true, but we don’t know her past and what got her to this place
Judgment – sure, but she obviously likes living like this or else she would change
Compassion – Addiction isn’t a habit that can easily be beat, and again we don’t know her situation.

Having heard enough, I moved on thinking about how compassion and judgment works – we live in a society where the voice of judgment rises strong over the voice of compassion. It is so easy to pass judgment and create our own assumptions, but if we’re to walk in the shoes of those we’re judging for one day; would we want to hear the voice of judgment or compassion? You decide!





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