It is always too early to quit

As humans we all face situations that sometimes seem to get the better of us – we become tired of trying and not seeing any results or getting anywhere. We may glance at our neighbors or strangers in passing and wished we could either have the body they have or the man or woman connected to their arms, or their careers, or smile or something or the other.

Whatever it is, we all face those moments of wanting to quit – why bother, what’s the use right? Wrong!
Here’s why quitting should never be an option:
It will never give you the satisfaction of really knowing what you’re capable of achieving.
It leaves you in the unknown of “what ifs”.
It doesn’t give you a good feeling.

What keeps people going regardless of the obstacles that arise in their quest towards a goal? The three P’s
Plan, Persistence and Patience


To get anywhere in life requires direction; if we don’t know where we’re going how will we know when we’ve arrived? Planning helps us to look ahead to see what will be need for the journey; it gets us mentally prepared to move ahead.



Once we begin our journey we’ll need to have staying qualities; refusing to give up regardless of what obstacles or set backs may arise, we will stay the course.



Sometimes we can get discourage if things aren’t happening fast enough; if results are not being manifested as quickly as we’d expected. It is during these times that we need to have the fortitude of remaining steadfast without complaint because we know that if we’re following all the rules of the plan and staying the course, we will be rewarded at the end of the journey.  The results will speak for themselves.

Without planning, persistence and patience the race will be finished before the gun smoke is evaporated in the air.

Short or long term goals equally need a plan along with attitude of persistence and patience.
Keep in mind some short term goals become long term goals due to unexpected and unforeseen obstacles. Regardless, staying the course should be our only option because we’re committed to finishing at all cost.

Delays and set-backs don’t entail failure; failure comes when we make the decision to stop making movements by working the plan and disengage persistence and patience. Quitting is then engaged within our minds, and reveals itself by our outward actions.

Therefore, it is not only too early to quit, it should never be an option!


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