It is all about personal choice

We all have equal rights to choose how each day will be – not that we have control over the events that unfold, but we have control over our attitude – good or bad.

Last night I flew into Kamloops on work related business. Though exhausted at 10:30pm I just could not settle down for a good nights’ sleep. Morning came too soon and I laid in bed after the alarm went and thought – boy, I’m tired and the minute that thought surfaced, I realized that I could carry my lazy, tired attitude out of bed and into work and seal my day by my attitude.

I decided that I’m not going to partner up with a bad attitude. I had a shower, got dressed and headed down for a cup of coffee – back in the elevator my swipe card would not work to activate my floor selection.

The desk clerk changed my card and it worked until I got to my suite and there I was – I turned back and headed down 11 floors to get a new card. This time I asked for 2…just in case!
All the while I keep saying to myself – this is a great day, I’m not going to have a bad attitude over this.
Walla, I’m in my suite – pulled up my laptop to read my morning devotion and cook my oatmeal in the microwave – it overflowed and what a mess, but hey it is still a great start to a wonderful day.

I’m glad these little hick-ups occurred this AM because it taught me a valuable lesson – I am in control of my attitude and it is up to me what I’ll allow to ruffle my feathers or not, who I’m going to partner with today as my companion – bad, good or great attitude? I’ll take the latter…how about you?


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