Life’s a vacation, journey and destination

Is life a vacation? journey? or destination? could life be a combo of all three? I’m on a life’s journey, vacationing and moving towards my destination? possibly! As a teenager I always lived in the moment; entertaining the concept that my life was one big vacation. As I got older and wiser:-) I realized that to me, life is a journey…I’m constantly moving, (not necessarily demographically), but if you’re alive, there’s movement…even if at times you don’t wanna move~

Life is a journey because of what I experience – good and bad, I learn from them, and learn what emotions are evoked through what I experience. In taking this journey I continue to discover things about myself that I both love and dislike. The things I love, I fuel to grow stronger, and the things about me that I dislike I am working on changing.

I’ll never find answers to a lot of questions, like why there are people in the world whose minds are so sick, that they derive pleasure from hurting people. Why so many people still die from hunger when there’s a surplus of food and money in other parts of the world that is being wasted.

Though I may never fully understand it all, I can do what I can as an individual to make a good difference. Sure talk is cheap, but action does speak louder than the “talk”.
So, as I continue in my life’s journey towards my destination (goals), and enjoy my vacation times, I aim to let my journey be one that is more giving, forgiving, loving, content and thankful.
How about you? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!


4 Responses to “Life’s a vacation, journey and destination”

  1. Yes, But Still... Says:

    Thanks for this.

    For me, making a difference as often as possible can makes for a very fulfilling adventure.

    • missyelmodd Says:

      Thanks for visiting and I appreciate your comments…can’t agree with you more…def a fulfilling way to live.

  2. lemonytree Says:

    wonderful…truly enjoi the journey..the destination then is the added bonus.

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