From Hopelessness to Hope with Change in Place

I enjoy nature, the mountains, water, plants, flowers and birds alike.  However, I’m the first to admit that I’ve no green thumb and have only two plants in my home, both given to me as a gift. I placed one plant on top of my fridge and over a period of time I noticed the leaves falling off until there were two leaves left. A friend commented that I should put the plant to rest, but I responded instead with this statement “I’m not going to give up on it, maybe all it needs is a change”.  With that said, I proceed to move the plant unto the ledge in my living room within direct sunlight coming through the window.

Within that moment that simple action spoke volumes to me about how we sometimes handle life.

Just because we get knocked down, side swiped, insulted, ridiculed, or discouraged, it should never be taken as an indication or a sign to quit and give up.

I began to speak life to that plant as I stroked the two leaves attached; literally.  Within 2 months leaves began to grow and the plant took on new life. It was a victory and lesson learned because here was a plant on the brink of being placed in the garbage, and then hope stepped in.

We need to keep hope alive in us and encourage those around us who might be discouraged. We can avoid being consumed by hopelessness if we remove pride from our lives and let someone into our pain, who can then help us rise above and deal with that pain. If we’re consumed by hopelessness we can lose the strength required to win.


After new life took hold of that plant, I couldn’t wait for my friend to visit; when she arrived I introduced her to Hope, a refresher course was required to remind her of what hopelessness used to look like.

What is the message here?  A simple act of change within or without can cause hope to stir and rise above the depths of hopelessness.

Outwardly that plant did look like it was dead, it appeared lifeless, but though the outside had a hopeless look about it, inside it was still very much alive, there was life in its roots and simply needed some TLC – Tender Loving Care.

When life appears to be at a stand still and we find ourselves feeling hopeless or helpless it is an indication that we need to implement change.  Like the plant we sometimes just need a simple change – be it taking charge of our health, getting connected or reconnected to our spiritual roots, doing good for someone in need, enrolling in a course, making a change in career, starting a new hobby, bringing closure to a bad relationship, getting control of our finances, or take a break to travel. There’s always a connection to feelings of hopelessness as there is to the sense of being filled with hope.


Uncovering the root of the cause of hopelessness is the key to walking free into a life whereby hope can grow. We’re sometimes afraid of change; uncertain of the unknown keeps us from moving ahead, because we’re creatures of habit. Staying stuck in the rut isn’t for humans, trees stay stuck in the rut and even trees experience change that the four seasons bring.

Moving beyond the mental thought into practical steps starts the journey of replacing hopelessness with hope and the change that evolves produces a healthier, productive and better functioning human being.


If you find yourself in a hopeless place, or know of someone who is in a hopeless place – reach out you’ll both benefit and experience the joy of living with hope either way.


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